Combination Benefits of Yoga, Barre & Reformer

Are you looking for the perfect workout routine? Something that incorporates cardio, strength training and flexibility? Here at Everbalance we specialize in Barre, Yoga and Reformer Pilates classes. But did you know that the combined benefits of taking all three of these classes can provide you with the perfect fitness routine all while bringing different things to the table? That’s right, yoga, barre and reformer is the triple threat of workouts! Let’s break it down by class.

Barre is a full-body cardio workout that strengthens all your muscles from head to toe. It’s a fast-paced and high energy class where upbeat music and energetic instructors motivate participants to kick butt and have fun while doing it! Barre is a great way to lift the booty and tone your legs. Who doesn’t want that?!

If weight loss is your goal look no further than Barre! Over time you’ll increase your metabolic rate working larger muscle groups which will help you burn more calories. Barre classes will increase your endurance and get your heart rate up. It will also improve your stamina making each class easier the more you go. It also has elements of strength training similar to our next class.

Reformer Pilates focuses on building, toning and lengthening your muscles (in isolation or entire muscle group). Similar to Mat Pilates, Reformer helps you develop your core or “powerhouse”. The Reformer apparatus assists participants into proper form all while working in a slower pace throughout your workout with more breath awareness providing a different effect than barre. It is considered to be strength training, Reformer Pilates builds beautiful body shape, helps with bone density, balance, coordination and overall health using exercises ranging from laying down to standing up. This variation is an ideal workout for your body!

On top of strengthening and developing your muscles, Reformer Pilates also increases flexibility which leads us to our final class.

Yoga is a relaxing mind and body workout that increases your flexibility. The gradual loosening of muscles throughout your yoga practice will increase flexibility over time. You will begin to notice settle differences in your own flexibility there fore day-to-day activities if you go to classes consistently. Poses that may have been difficult to achieve when you began will suddenly get easier.

Yoga centers on the 8 limbs. One of these limbs is the “Pranayama” or breath. Another one is all the physical postures – Asanas.  As you practice, your instructor will tell you to focus on your breath. By doing this you will notice your muscles easing gently into each posture all while quieting your mind. Yoga promotes relaxation and meditation – another limb. It is extremely therapeutic for our busy minds in our very active society. It is necessary to be able to get above the “Thought Process” even if it’s for 30 seconds. Yoga provides that practice.

As you can see, the combination of Barre, Reformer and Yoga classes can provide you with a perfectly balanced workout routine. Each of these three classes are low-impact but very effective to transform your body. Barre gives you a high-energy cardio workout that can help with weight loss and releases endorphin . Reformer helps build and tone muscles including your core or powerhouse that is essential in all other workouts. Yoga is a relaxing mind-body workout that increases your flexibility over time all while you learn to quiet your mind.

Everbalance offers all 3 of these classes including fusions classes such as Yoga Barre Fusion and Barre Cardio Fusion. If you love the dynamic of a yoga class but want to try out a Barre class, take Tetyana’s Yoga Barre Fusion class on Saturday’s at 10am. This class starts off with a vinyasa flow warm up then a fun 20 minute upbeat Barre workout. Class is ended with deep stretching the perfect way to cap off your workout. You can check out our class descriptions here and our weekly schedule here.