New to Pilates? Looking to try a workout that will build up your core and tone your muscles? Pilates is an intense workout of your “powerhouse” or abdominal muscles. At Everbalance we offer both Mat and Reformer Pilates classes. One of the questions we get most is which form of Pilates is better? Mat or Reformer? They are both beneficial to building up your core strength and toning your muscles. However Reformer Pilates has more to offer than mat for people who are starting out or working on their core. Let’s get into some details…

There is a bit of an argument when it comes to Mat Pilates over Reformer Pilates. Trainers who swear by mat Pilates claim that their workout provides a better understanding of how to control your muscles without the assistance of a Reformer. They believe that the Reformer provides too much support and doesn’t help develop proper muscle activation. They feel that users rely too heavily on the Reformer machine. However trainers who favor Reformer Pilates say that it helps beginners get a better understanding of those core or powerhouse muscles. The reformer can actually assist and help participants with injuries and limited range of motion do Pilates with ease.

Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates can give you the exact same results. Pilates is essentially building up strength in your body’s core. Whether you chose to do Mat or Reformer, Pilates is working against resistance. However if you are looking for quicker results and more variation in a Pilates workout look no further than a Reformer Pilates class!

The Reformer apparatus may seem intimidating to a beginner. It resembles that of a torture device with it’s single bed frame with sliding carriage and adjustable springs and straps. Beginners may find it easier to start off with Private Reformer Pilates sessions to get more acclimated to the apparatus and all the incredible things it can do. Here at Everbalance we offer Private Reformer Pilates sessions where beginners can learn terminology, essential techniques and how to adjust the reformer for your own body.

The biggest misconception is that Reformer Pilates is harder than Mat Pilates. In fact it’s the opposite! It can actually provide quicker results. The Reformer acts as a support system for the body by helping assist it into proper form. The Reformer works for you and not against you! The apparatus has cables, a foot bar, straps and pulleys to allow variety in your Pilates workout. You can even do positions while standing! There are 5 resistance springs on the Reformer, each one offers a different level of resistance. Your instructor will help you determine what kind of resistance is right for you during each exercise.

Reformer Pilates is an easier way for people with injuries to do Pilates by taking modifications with the apparatus. It may be difficult for someone with scoliosis to do Mat Pilates but with the Reformer they are able to increase their range of motion safely and effectively. Reformer Pilates can be for anyone! Whether you are 18 or 89, the Reformer can work with your body’s needs.

Here at Everbalance we offer a Cardio Reformer/Jump Board class. This class moves beyond a Pilates exercises into strength training and cardio. Plus it’s a lot of fun! So how does the jumpboard work? Jumpboard has participants lying down on the reformer bed frame with their feet on the foot bar. Exercises are very aerobic and include running in place, double and single leg jumping, prancing even jumping jacks. It’s a great way to burn calories, reduce stress, work on your core and train coordination. Plus it gets your heart rate up and keeps you moving! It is also beneficial to anyone with joint pain or knee and ankle issues as there is less stress placed on the joints while doing these exercises. It encourages proper alignment in the supine position than regular Mat Pilates.

As you can see both mat and reformer Pilates have their own benefits and are both an amazing way to work out. However Reformer Pilates offers more strength training, quicker results and more variation on the classic Pilates exercises. We offer a wide variety of Reformer Pilates classes from Beginning to Advanced. If you are feeling a little worried about trying the reformer machine out in a class try one of our private reformer sessions. These private sessions offer one on one time with a certified instructor who will ease and educate you into reformer Pilates comfortably. To find out more information about private reformer sessions and booking feel free to contact us or call (904) 304-2886.