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Reformer Pilates studio in Jacksonville FL. Everbalance offers group and private pilates sessions.

Some people mistakenly call Reformer Pilates – Reformed Pilates. Indeed, your body will be reformed with pilates practice. It’s called Reformer Pilates, because the apparatus we use was named Reformer by method’s creator Joseph Pilates. But we like the name Reformed Pilates, because with a commitment to regularly attended Pilates workouts, you can expect to tone & build long, lean muscles, strengthen your CORE, improve your posture, release stress, improve bone density and circulation, enhance mobility, agility, & stamina, improve your balance AND SO MUCH MORE. Read more about the benefits of pilates above under the tab ‘why pilates?’.

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It’s $85.00 and it includes 2 private sessions and 1 group.

Join our Reformer Pilates Studio in Jacksonville FL. The beautiful thing about starting with a private session is that we get a chance to get to know you and your body. If you have never done Reformer Pilates, you must know that there is a tiny learning curve to use the equipment. We find that our new clients really benefit from a one-on-one session first. We reserve the entire studio just for you and you get your instructor’s undivided attention.

After you complete your Private session you will feel very confident about attending the group class and will follow along having fun! Right after your initial session you will discuss what level of class will work best for you to start. We will book your group session on the day of your 1st private session. With our custom app you will be able to book/cancel/change all your appointments with us as your convenience.

After completing your group class we will finish out the with a final private session where we refine more technique, get you into more advanced exercises so you can see what is possible for you with pilates, and help you get set up with app login and a membership.

We highly recommend calling us to book the time for private session, as we usually have more times available than listed online. If you’ve been doing pilates for awhile now – amazing! We would LOVE to have you with us and still would love to see you one-on-one first. $85 is a good deal for 2 private instruction sessions and a chance for Tetyana and her Team to take you deeper into your practice by trying more advanced exercises for your progression!

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What is Reformer Pilates?

As we already discussed above, it’s not Reformed Pilates, but Reformer Pilates. Generally Pilates can be done on the floor – mat pilates (most known), but it can also be done on unique pieces of equipment that were designed by Joseph Pilates (founder of the Method). One of them as you already know is Reformer. It looks like a long frame with cables, springs, straps, and all kinds of bells and whistles. It can also look pretty intimidating at first glance. However, it is one of the most incredible workouts you will ever do!

First of all, the equipment supports you in proper form and your entire body weight in space, while adding extra challenge to your movement. Second of all, it makes it more accessible for you to do movements you wouldn’t be able to do as gracefully on the floor with just your bodyweight against gravity. Most of all, it’s super fun! 100% of our clients love it because they never dread the class and alway have fun!

Reformer gently holds your body and guides you through movement, while adding resistance (using springs). It’s a STELLAR combination and our clients get amazing results in JUST 10 SESSIONS!

Join us to try reformer and feel it’s incredible effects!

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