Looking for a simple way to get started? We have options for you:

  • $85 Special – 2 private sessions + 1 group – amazing to learn about reformer pilates for novice and experienced practitioners! If you are brand new to pilates – great! The private sessions will allow us to really teach you all the basics one-on-one and address any personalization of your practice.
  • If you already have the experience in reformer pilates – fabulous! Tetyana would still love to see you one-on-one to refine technique and go deeper into the practice with you. She likes to get you into more advanced exercises and show you what else is possible for you in pilates so you continue to advance!
Get the $85 Special

Get a Membership that fits your needs and schedule. Our best rates and savings are in our Membership & Prepaid options.

Single Session Drop in

  • Expires in 3 months
  • Great for out of town guests
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5 Session Package

  • Expires in 3 months
  • Great to check our studio out
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10 Session Package

  • Expires in 6 months
  • Great if can’t commit to a membership
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4 Sessions

  • Month to month Auto-pay, cancel anytime
  • Great for ONCE A WEEK
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8 Sessions

  • Month to month Auto-pay, cancel anytime
  • Great for TWICE A WEEK
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12 Sessions

  • Month to month Auto-pay, cancel anytime
  • Great for 3 TIMES A WEEK
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Prepaid Package 24 Sessions

$650cash or check only
  • Expires in 6 Months 1-time purchase
  • Great for Schedule Flexibility

Here is what you need to know about our Membership options↓

  • You can pause/stop/upgrade/downgrade your membership anytime you’d like. It’s designed to be super flexible. We do ask for a 30-day notice when cancelling your membership, but it’s not required.
  • All sessions are automatically rolled over to the next month for 15 extra days. In case you go out of town or have to miss a week, you’ll be able to make your classes up.
  • If you need more sessions during any month, you can purchase them at your membership rate by reaching out to us.
  • You can bring a guest using your sessions.

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