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Owner & Founder, Entrepreneur, Master Trainer

Tetyana was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to the United States in summer of 2007, at the age of 20.

Growing up, she did ballet and modern dance. Later in her 20’s, Tetyana started ballroom dancing, competing professionally in American Rhythm.

During her school years in Ukraine, Tetyana taught dance. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations & Diplomacy from Kiev International University, she decided to move to United States.

In 2010, she moved to Las Vegas, NV from Steamboat Springs, CO for a new opportunity with her job. Living in a bigger city offered more chances to attend different yoga classes at several studios. Tetyana used yoga to help her deal with stressful work environment. The world of mind-body practice and her love of movement instantly inspired her to drastically alter her career and become a yoga teacher. Tetyana attended yoga teacher training at one of the biggest studios on the West Coast, Vegas Hot and received her 200 hour RYT, 100 hour Power Vinyasa and Kettlebells certifications. She completed her Pilates Mat I and II training shortly thereafter.

“My yoga practice changed my life completely and made me the person I am right now. Every class I taught felt like a ride to me, where I intended to create an experience and help my clients feel and understand the true meaning of mind-body connection.”

When Tetyana moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2011, she was fortunate to start teaching yoga at one of the boutique Pilates studio in Jacksonville Beach. There she was introduced to Reformer Pilates and instantly fell in love with the apparatus, amazed with the incredible results of the Pilates Method that Reformer has to offer. She completed her Reformer 1 and 2 training with Pilates first generation master trainers in Tampa, FL through Balanced Body Institute and started teaching Reformer group classes and private sessions. Later she was certified in Reformer 3 and Pilates Chair. At the same time Tetyana started teaching Barre – the world’s newest fitness trend back then and became obsessed with its results.

At the age of 26, Tetyana established Everbalance – her pride and joy and greatest passion in life. In the process of opening the studio she was certified as a Barre Master Trainer through American Council of Exercise (ACE). She created her own barre program, teaching courses and training new barre instructors at Everbalance.

“Everbalance is my dream, heart, and soul. I live it and breath it every day of my life. It’s been an amazing journey to get here and I am honored and humbled. It’s my privilege to welcome everyone who comes through our doors and share my passion for Pilates and all things movement.” At this time Everbalance only offers Pilates, which can truly provide everything one needs for one’s fitness journey. After 12 years, Tetyana has recently stepped down from teaching clients and now just takes care of the business side of things in the studio. She trains new Pilates instructors, helping them open up to their full potential. You may see her working out next to you when you come to class! “I love sharing my experience with new instructors. Seeing passion in their eyes and excitement about new opportunities truly makes my heart smile”.



Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Coffee and Chocolate Lover

Sheri is an Air Force brat, who grew up in England, has lived in Oklahoma, Staten Island NY, Spain, Italy as well as Arizona and has finally landed in Florida. Sheri started playing softball in grade school and began swimming competitively in High School. Sheri was introduced to her first yoga class in 2003.

“I understand the rigors that we place upon our bodies and the mind set to always push for more even when the body is clearly telling us to slow down. I remember distinctly lying on my back in Shavasana without experiencing any pain. It had been many years since I have been able to lie completely flat on my back without pain”. As she began to practice more regularly she began to recognize that the benefits of practice were more than physical, the mental shift allowed her to be more present in her everyday life and to feel much more relaxed. Sheri took a leap of faith in 2008; quit her corporate job, signed up for yoga teacher training and began a new journey.

Since the completion of her teacher training in 2009 she feels blessed every day to be able to share yoga with others and honor their personal journey while continuing her own. After joining Everbalance team, she experienced Pilates for the first time and was hooked. She proceeded to obtain her Mat 1, Reformer 1 and Reformer 2 Pilates certifications in 2016 and absolutely loves teaching group and private sessions on the Reformer.

“I find it amazing that I am so much stronger and flexible at this age now then I was when I was 20. We are all much stronger than we give ourselves credit for, don’t limit You can’t fail at yoga”.



Pilates and Barre instructor, Dancer, LMT

Nikole is a graduate of Florida State University, achieving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance performance studies in 2019. Nikole started taking dance lessons when she was 4, and has been blessed with pursuing this depth of knowledge and experience through higher education. She was exposed to various movement forms and somatic practices while attending FSU and fell in love with the way her body felt when practicing things like Pilates and Gyrotonic® work. She is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida, gaining her schooling through the Florida School of Advanced Bodywork. She is certified in STOTT Pilates Level 1 Mat and Reformer and has experience working with clients privately as well as group settings, creating movement plans that achieve goals and address the body as a whole. She is passionate about utilizing mindful movement as healing for the body and wants to share this with as many people as she can. Nikole loves to spend time in nature, especially at the beach, where she can appreciate the beauty in every being.”



Pilates & Barre Instructor

Brooke is “Colorado grown” but now a happy resident of the Sunshine State!
Like many, she fell in love with Pilates after the first try, but never dreamed she’d make her hobby into a career. Brooke went to school for Business Communication, and though she loved playing sports like volleyball and tennis in school, she felt like she was never able to keep a consistent workout routine after graduation.
She wanted results (like slimming down/toning & building muscle), but would get discouraged when she couldn’t see them or maintain them from her efforts at the gym, or from trying to better balance her diet. When Brooke started doing Pilates consistently she finally felt like she was able to get control of her body, get stronger, and start seeing results that she hadn’t experienced before. Not only that, but it was an exercise she didn’t dread going to, in fact, she actually enjoyed it and looked forward to each class.
Fast forward, Brooke made the best decision (biggest blessing in her professional life so far) to become a Pilates Instructor.
“I am thrilled to now be able to help others feel confident, strong, and in control of their bodies too, providing them with a safe space to do so, and most importantly, ensure my clients have as much fun as possible while working out!”
She has been teaching since 2019, and would describe her class style as athletic, creative, fast paced, and results oriented.
When not teaching Pilates, Brooke works with special needs adults at North Florida School Of Special Education. She has a cute french bulldog name Baby, her partner in crime.

“I can’t wait to see you in class!”