Stress can wreak havoc on on our mental and physical health. Next time you come to yoga, focus on the meditation practice.

Yoga’s incorporation of meditation and breathing improves your mental well-being. This creates clarity and calmness. It helps increase body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns and relaxes the mind.

Meditation takes consistent practice. Use your breathing as a point of focus. You can do this by actually counting the breaths. In this instance, the breath becomes the sole object of your meditation. You observe every nuance of the breath and each sensation it produces: how it moves in your abdomen and torso, how it feels as it moves in and out of your nose, its quality, its temperature, and so on.

Concentrate on the total stillness of your body and listen as your instructor guides you.

Adding 2-3 yoga classes per week will improve your mindset, balance and flexibility. Often, we focus on cardio and strength training when it comes to our health but yoga provides wonderful benefits to the body and soul.