Hollywood has always been fitness crazy! Celebrities, who are constantly photographed by the paparazzi (even when they’re on vacation!), are always looking for ways to stay in shape. Some hire personal trainers while others turn to yoga, barre and Pilates to stay fit.


Miranda Kerr is very vocal about her love of yoga.

Yoga can help increase flexibility and reduce stress. So it’s no surprise that celebrities are getting into the routine of yoga practice! Yoga is the number one choice for celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston – who have both been practicing for over a decade. Aniston starts each morning with a spin class then finishes on her mat with a post workout yoga routine. At 47, she is living proof that yoga can do wonders for your mind and body!

Drew Barrymore regularly practices Vinyasa yoga and has used the practice to lose weight. She recently was photographed with her 3-year old daughter, Olive, at a mommy-and-me yoga class. What a great way to bond!

Gisele is a busy mom too! She routinely incorporates her kids into her yoga practice.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen practices Anusara yoga which is a modern-day Hatha style practice that encourages practitioners to “flow” through their practice utilizing certain moves each class. Bundchen practiced yoga throughout her pregnancies to stay fit and stress free and now shares her love of yoga with her kids. She regularly posts snaps on her Instagram feed of her practice.

When it comes to getting in shape for movies, celebrities also turn to barre classes. Barre is an intense cardio workout that utilizes ballet barre techniques to tone and lengthen large and small group muscles. It’s a great workout for your entire body and can help you burn calories. For the movie, Black Swan, Natalie Portman attended barre classes to get her “ballerina” shape for the role. She still uses barre to help sculpt her muscles and keep herself fit.


Kelly Ripa loves barre!

Kelly Ripa swears by barre classes and uses it to aid fat burning as well as build muscle. Barre has helped Ripa learn what her body is capable of – it’s amazing how strong your body can become with daily barre classes.

Completing the trifecta of ultimate workouts, Pilates helps many celebrities strengthen their core while toning their muscles. Chelsea Handler was never one to enjoy working out until she took her first Pilates class. Pilates changed the way she approached working out. She appreciated that Pilates was “gentle on her body.”


Kate Hudson working on her flexibility on the Reformer.

Both Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson do Mat and Reformer Pilates. Maintaining their long and lean figures through daily practice. In order to stay in shape for Charlie’s Angels, Diaz kept to a stern Pilates routine that left her in incredible shape. Hudson launched a workout line proving that staying in shape is very important to her!

Some of Hollywood’s best bodies are the result of habitual yoga, barre and Pilates practice. Whether it’s training for their next big role or getting in shape for vacations, celebrities are taking yoga, barre and Pilates classes to maintain their shape, stamina, and mental well being.

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