Whether you are running marathons a few times a year, or hitting the treadmill a couple days a week, running is a fantastic way to keep yourself in shape.

But the constant impact of running on hard surfaces can give your bones and joints a beating. It can also lead to the development of asymmetries – muscles overacting for weaker parts of your body. This can result in injuries, pain, hip and knee problems and more!

Pilates is a low impact exercise that works to strengthen your spine and core, the powerhouse of your body. It improves flexibility and posture, an important element in a runner’s improvement.

Using the smooth resistance of the Reformer equipment, Pilates enables you to isolate specific muscle groups that need attention and work around injured areas. It helps you focus on breathing and concentration, a key part of winning any race.

A regular Pilates practice strengthens your entire body, helps you gain more efficient movement and will help you achieve results both in the studio and during a race.