Barre Teacher Training

November 17th-19th, 2017

November 17th Friday 4pm – 7:30pm

November 18th Saturday 10am – 6pm

November 19th Sunday 12pm – 6pm

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Ready to take your Barre practice to the next level or would you like to become an instructor?

Everbalance Barre Teaching Training is for you!

Everbalance and many other studios, clubs and gyms are always looking for passionate, fun and driven teachers of Barre and Pilates. Whether you have experience teaching or not, we can take you the distance. Through teacher training seminars in Barre Module I, apprenticeships in studio, and community practice teaching classes, we can give you all the tools you need to succeed in guiding clients through their workout goals.

In our training we focus on teaching trainees how to actually properly instruct the class as much as we focus on Barre Movement principals. So you will graduate feeling fully ready to lead a class confident in your skill.

The Course is Approved by ACE and is $499 to sign up. Includes:

  • 20 hours
  • Barre Teacher Training Manual
  • 2 months of unlimited classes at Everbalance to get your practice further
  • Apprenticing and teaching ‘free to public’ practice classes as much as needed to feel prepared

The courses is also structured to focus on history, anatomy, terminology, use of props and modifications, as well as, tips on class structure and success. Whether you’re new to barre or a seasoned practicer, at Everbalance Barre Teacher Training, we can give you the tools to succeed in teaching barre.

Everbalance’s continuing education Barre teacher training slider talemnt 2Teacher Training Module I courses are throughout the year. The courses are similarly structured and focus on history, anatomy, terminology, use of props and modifications, as well as, tips on class structure and success. Whether you’re new to barre or a seasoned practicer, at Everbalance Barre Teacher Training, we can give you the tools to succeed in teaching barre. Stay tuned to hear our next course dates. Any questions, feel free to ask in studio!

“I recently had the chance to take a teacher training weekend for barre. I loved it. Known as the Everbalance Barre Instructor Training, this class was led by Everbalance Yoga, Barre, and Pilates owner Tetyana Boyeva. It was an amazing class that spent two days breaking down the basics of instructing barre. I walked away from the weekend awash in both highly informative tips and a boost of creativity. No matter where your fitness class interest lies, I highly recommend taking a teacher training class in it.

The “Whats” of Barre Teacher Training:

  • What to wear – Wear what you typically would would wear to a Barre class.  If you’re training has you in a heated atmosphere, bring an extra pair of everything to change into. You’ll thank yourself!
  • What to bring – Your manual (supplied by studio normally), pen/highlighter for notes, a refillable water bottle, and lunch! You learn best when nourished so pack some healthy and filling snacks and meals. Most teacher training courses are taught in studios, which are not classrooms. More than likely you’ll be parked on the floor while going through the lectures, so make sure you bring a yoga mat for better comfort!
  • What you’ll do – You’ll meet and greet, go through the manual (which will have anatomy, movement, history, structure, and other relevant chapters), you’ll watch things be demo’d and you’ll participate in demo’s. You’ll also ask and hear lots of questions. You’ll break for lunch. You’ll participate in at least one full exercise class and you’ll lead a segment of a class to example your instructor style to your fellow classmates.
  • What happens after – After most teacher training weekends, your class isn’t over. You’ll want to attend lots of exercise classes on the schedule and watch how teachers lead and run the class. Your studio or gym will likely have you teach some community classes – which are free group classes that you’ll teach to either your friends/family or the general public to get you accustomed to teaching. After this, then you’ll be presented your certificate and begin your instructor journey!

You can also read this blog post to learn more about what to expect in a barre training weekend.