You’ve got your bag packed for yoga or barre class after work. Water bottle filled, salad for lunch ordered. At 5PM you’re headed out the door ready to hit the mat for the third time this week. Then a month later, you’re snacking on a bit too many mini doughnuts and you forgot to grab your yoga pants before heading to work.. this is your fourth.. or fifth.. was it sixth? .. you can’t remember.. class missed.. It’s official. You’ve fallen off the band wagon. If this sounds familiar, don’t stress! It happens to ALL of us!

Lulls in workout ethic happens to everyone, even your class teachers. Life sometimes gets in the way of your workout routine which can kill your motivation. The holiday season is quickly approaching and getting back to class may seem like a task. But what better way to get through the season than by relieving your holiday stresses with exercise! Here are a few tips to help you get back on the workout bandwagon.

Get inspired. Lacking motivation to go to class?

screenshot-2016-11-21-10-27-29Try turning to Instagram! There are many workout inspiration accounts to follow. Don’t forget to follow Everbalance for motivational images, quotes, and photos/videos from classes. Focusing your attention on positive energy and seeing imagery from other people working out will surely jump start your eagerness to get back to class!

Set new fitness goals. We’re going to be talking a lot about setting goals in the coming months to prepare for a new year. But for now, try setting new fitness goals to regain the motivation to get back to your workout regime. Want to work on that Crow pose in yoga? Set a goal to go to class and work on postures that will help you achieve it. New goals can be the motivation you need to get back into your workout routine.

imagesBut it’s important to set realistic goals that challenge you but are achievable. Remember that lasting change happens slowly and over time. Setting a goal too unattainable can actually be a de-motivator – set smaller goals that build on each other to truly see change in your body and mind.

And don’t expect to see radical changes over night, which just sets you up for disappointment. Instead of setting a goal to lose 20lbs, for example, set a goal to come to class 3 days a week and hold plank for 20 seconds longer each time. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel about your body and how much sooner the 20lbs will come off if you focus on achieving smaller goals working towards the overall picture than by focusing on the end result too quickly.

Change up your routine. Maybe part of the reason you fell off the class bandwagon is because your routine was the same thing each week. Try taking a new class. Mixing up your normal workout routine can get you interested and excited about exercising. You can even spice up your routine by choosing a different time of day to workout. Only workout at night? Try getting up early and doing a class in the morning. Although our instructors are very good at keeping each of their class routines different from day to day, mental fatigue is real. Step out of your comfort zone in a Reformer class by trying the Chair. If you’re an avid Barre lover, switch it up with a Core Yoga class for a similar burn packaged in a different routine!

Try a challenge. Everbalance is constantly hosting a challenge, follow our Facebook page or subscribe to our e-mail newsletters to hear about the next challenge – and jump in! Challenges can be a fun way to get back into the workout groove after a hiatus. Recently we hosted a 20 classes in 30 days challenge complete with a tracking board and prizes. A great way to keep you motivated and accountable. But even if Everbalance isn’t hosting a studio challenge, you can make your own challenge! Challenge yourself to take 20 Barre/Yoga classes in a month or a Reformer session once a week.

Schedule classes in advance. If you have a few light days

screenshot-2016-11-21-10-39-40during the week try scheduling your Barre, Yoga and Pilates classes in advance. This will hold you accountable to going to class. The Everbalance app offers a reminder 30 minutes prior to the classes you schedule so you don’t forget! Check out our home page for links to download the app on iPhone and Android!

Everyone falls off the workout bandwagon. Don’t beat yourself up if you have been struggling with getting to class. Keep a positive outlook, shake off any doubts and get motivated again! Try a new class or simply set new goals. You can get back on your workout routine quickly if you have the right frame of mind. Dust off your mats, get out your workout clothes and get back to class!