Flower Balance Group Courses

Starting new groups for Pelvic Floor & Core 4-month Program Dates to be determined. The program is temporarily paused atm. Call with questions.

Each group will start with a 3-day Pelvic Health

retreat style event.

Times and dates for the 3-day retreat are set based

on group’s availability.

Location: Everbalance Studio, Jacksonville

(also available virtually).

Take healing into your own hands!

You are invited to this exclusive day-time retreat of owning your own power, included with the Flower Balance – our 4-month pelvic health program. This 3 day Flower Balance retreat will give you the fundamentals you need to self-heal, gain strength, and deepen connection to your body. You will learn and practice deeply powerful, heart-centered, holistic practices that will yield lasting results for your pelvic health, sex, and quality of life, including:

  • Get wholeheartedly invested in healing your body by understanding the lasting benefits of every technique of the program.
  • Expand your own expertise about pelvic health to never feel like you have to live with any symptoms and to empower other sisters in need.
  • Get clarity on why you are experiencing your symptoms. Let’s get to the bottom of it!
  • Improve prolapse, pain with sex, continence, stop the leaks, strengthen your pelvic floor, core, trim your waistline.
  • Become more connected to your self-worth, your body, and your yoni.
  • Improve your sex life and let your confidence levels skyrocket!
  • Significantly improve your posture, alignment, and body awareness.

Book a free call with me to answer any questions or learn more about the Flower Balance.

Flower Balance Program

Body. Energy. Self. Community.

Heal your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Heal your PFD with movement, breathing techniques, the power of meditation and much more.

The program

Topics we will cover:

Body. You will learn how to properly perform all movement, breathing and alignment techniques.

Energy. You will discover how to access the unlimited amount of healing energy available to you at all times.

Self. You will learn techniques that help you to heal your emotions, discover your self-worth, innate body wisdom, importance of your self-expression, and how to integrate everything into your life.

Community. You will be connected to a vibrant community of women, united to heal and support each other on this journey.

“I would recommend this course to all other women even if you don’t think you’re experiencing pelvic floor issues. It helps you build up your core strength, which I feel so many people don’t work on. If you ever plan on having children, you’ll need a strong pelvic floor. Even if you aren’t, you need one so you don’t have incontinence issues in the future. “
Sarah A.
“In the beginning I was unsure of what to expect. I committed to the schedule and gave 100%. At times I felt defeated but with reassurance from Tetyana, I kept working on the technique. I absolutely enjoyed every class! Had my well women’s visit in December and was very excited to get a good report on my bladder, my pelvic floor and my kegel strength went from 3 out of 5 to 4 out of 5!! Thank you Tetyana for caring so much!”
Nichole S.

Modalities included:

Hypopressive Fitness. Click this link to read about THE REVOLUTIONARY Low Pressure (Hypopressivce) Fitness and how it’s been a miracle worker for so many women with pelvic floor dysfunction. I can’t wait to teach you this method!

PfilAtes. Dr. Crawford’s Pelvic Floor Pilates aka PfilAtes Method produces results of over 80% improvement of all incontinence symptoms. This could be you in just 4 months!

Meditation. Discover how you can boost your results during the 4 months by tapping into the quantum energy field around you.

Yoga. We will be using this ancient tradition and all it’s wisdom in all of our classes.