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New to Pilates or the Studio?

We are thrilled to have you here!

We are excited that you found this page!

Pilates is one of the best ways to get strong, and we mean really strong! Our Welcome Special is the perfect way to get started. We’d love to see you for your initial private session first, where we either teach you all about the reformer or/and learn all about you, your body, what brings you to Pilates, what are your goals and how do we help you reach them. We do about a 30-min workout that day.

After that we have you take a group class (50 mins) of level that suits you best. Your final sessions is private again to answer any of your questions and possibly do some more advanced routines and get you excited about what to look forward to in your Pilates practice.

What to expect from your welcome journey with us:

  • You will receive a lot of personalized attention and genuine interest in your success.
  • The private sessions on the Welcome Special are 30 mins, but it may take longer with everything else we have to share with you.
  • The cadence we will go with is private/group/private, but we are happy to go at your pace and switch it up.
  • You will need grippy sock with rubber grips on the sole (yoga socks). We have those for sale at the studio.
  • Wear any athletic clothing you like to workout in, as long as it’s somewhat formfitting and stretchy for your comfort.
  • We are always here to address your concerns and questions about any of these.
  • We ask everyone to avoid wearing perfume and cologne to protect those exercisers who are sensitive to strong fragrance.
  • On your last session we will help you get setup on our App and sign up for a package or membership.

Ready to jump in?

It’s $85 For all 3 sessions (private/group/private).

We offer many levels of practice for anyone who desires to try. From super beginner to advanced and athletes.

We will work with you and the level that your body is at. We have clients who are in their 80s. We have clients with spinal fusions, double knee & hip replacements, we have Jaguar’s defensive team doing pilates with us and other athletes. At our studio the range of client’s is super wide and you will fit right in.

Do you have questions? Call us and let’s chat about any concerns or questions that arise on your end!

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“I love EverBalance so much! I feel like I’m taking charge of my health and getting in shape. I’ve been going once a week for 3 months so far. I’m already noticing that I have more muscles and more flexibility. And I’ve also lost a little bit of weight. I feel more in shape, and I have fewer aches and pains. “

Jenny T.

“I’m so happy to have found this pilates studio! The instructors are beyond amazing and the environment they create is not intimidating. They’re gentle in their approach when they correct your form and they provide such a safe space to practice no matter what level you’re at. This will absolutely be my go-to studio from here on out. Thank you Everbalance for such a wonderful experience!”

Juliann P.